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Have faith and the way will open.

Quaker Proverb

Patti Kent

Patti Kent

Patti has been a member of the Society of Friends for thirty-five years. She is a concert violinist and recording artist. Patti was a music major at Michigan State University and the University of West Viriginia. As well, Patti has a B.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts. She has been a member of a variety of orchestras including the Las Vegas Symphony. Patti has a heart for reaching out to those in need. Patti served in Africa as a missionary evangelist, along with her husband.

Patti has released four CD’s which are available through this website.

Tom Kent

Tom is a recorded Friends Minister and has been a member of the Society of Friends for forty-six years and a Christian for over 50 years. He has preached the gospel in six countries on three continents. He is a graduate of Michigan’s prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy. For many years, Tom was involved in various street ministries. He has ministered on the streets of Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York’s Times Square, as well as served as a missionary evangelist in Zimbabwe and Namibia. He is also a professional photographer, filmmaker and author.

Tom’s new book entitled The Big Little Word is available through Amazon.

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